At Sterling Builders, we meticulously craft custom homes and commercial projects tailored to your vision. From the ground up, our Gainesville team ensures every detail meets our high standards for quality and design. Contact us to build your vision into a finely crafted reality.


Two people shaking hands over construction paperwork

Phase 1: Design and Agreement

  • Introductory Meeting: Begin with a personal consultation.
  • Design Services Agreement: Formalize the engagement with a design services agreement.
  • Architectural Design: Collaborate with architects over 2 to 4 months to design the home.
A couple and construction worker looking at a building plan

Phase 2: Preparation and Selection

  • Contract Signing: Finalize the home design and sign contract.
  • Structural Engineering and Permitting: One month for structural engineering and a second month to secure all permits.
  • Finish Selection Schedule: Allow clients to choose their finishes.

Phase 3: Construction and Completion

  • Construction Phase: Begin construction, using online project management tools to provide daily updates.
  • Weekly Updates and Site Meetings: Provide weekly financial summaries and progress reports.
  • Final Walk-through: Conduct a detailed walk-through of the completed home.